Our Company

Enginova is a multidisciplinary engineering firm with offices in San Diego, Phoenix, and Chicago dedicated to providing a broad spectrum of clients with engineering, design, and technical consulting services. Our team, consisting of specialists in mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering, works in concert to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions to our clientele nationwide. Enginova’s commercial construction division specializes in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) engineering services tailored for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) market. Simultaneously, our industrial division concentrates on developing projects and technical services catered to domestic and international clients in the manufacturing industries.

Our Approach

Enginova is committed to establishing enduring professional partnerships, perceiving our role as an integral extension of your organization. We recognize that the pathway to each solution is uniquely aligned with your company’s specific requirements, ensuring that your ultimate objectives are central throughout the design, engineering, and construction phases.

Leveraging contemporary software and technologies, Enginova enhances workflow efficiency and develops bespoke software tools designed to offer customized solutions for every client. Our approach to your project is holistic, integrating engineering, design, and project management to guarantee the successful realization of your project.

Our History

Enginova, Inc. was formed as the result 2024 merger between CGK Consulting Group, Inc. and RB Consulting Engineers, Inc.  The legacy companies had historically worked closely together:  CGK providing mechanical, process, and controls engineering services, with RBCE providing electrical engineering services.   The companies were natural fit and talks of merging started in 2023 with the aim of bringing our clients a wider range of professional services under one company.   On January 1st, 2024, the companies merged and renamed the resulting company Enginova, Inc.

A timeline of Enginova history

Leadership Team

  • Michael Carlomagno, PE

    Chief Executive Officer

    Principal Engineer

    Mechanical Engineering

  • Ryan Bertalan, PE

    Chief Financial Officer

    Principal Engineer

    Electrical Engineering

  • Joshua Gemmell

    Chief Operations Officer

    Principal Engineer

    Process Engineering

  • Seth Kahle

    Chief Technology Officer

    Principal Engineer

    Controls, Automation & Information Systems